Research conducted by the renowned faculty in the College of Health Solutions focuses on addressing society's most pressing problems related to health and health care. Students engaged in our multidisciplinary research will be on the front lines, testing innovations to improve the health of populations and communities, enhance health care delivery and patient-centered care, and improve function and reduce disability across the lifespan. Ultimately all of our research is focused on improving health outcomes.

Our Research Expertise

Faculty Spotlight

Matthew Buman
Matthew Buman
Associate Professor, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion

Siddhartha Angadi
Siddhartha Angadi
Assistant Professor, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion

Adela Grando
Adela Grando
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Corianne Rogalsky
Corianne Rogalsky
Assistant Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Science

Our Research Units